Tinker Air Force Base is a major United States Air Force base, providing additional mission support to the U.S. Navy and other Department of Defense missions. In concert with The Korte Company, Native Services began Phase One work on July 13, 2020 with the initial scope of work to bring the site up to grade, with an initial estimated completion time of 90 days. With the intent to begin Phase Two of the project after and lasting about 45 days.

President and Founder of Native Services, Richie Homminga said, ” We are very excited for our partnership with both The Korte Company and Tinker Air Force Base, and look forward to completing this project on-time and on-budget.” Mark O’Donnell (VP Pre-Construction) and Calvin Johnson (VP Operations) and their teams have worked around the clock to ensure the highest quality work and safety on-site.

Take a look at Native Services in action at Tinker Air Force Base.

About Native Services

Native Services is based in Houston Texas and is an industry leader in site development, with expertise in site work, mass excavation and grading, and underground utilities construction. Led by President and Founder Richie Homminga, along with some of the best and most well-trained staff in the industry, Native Services out performs the competition striving for excellence in everything it does.

About The Korte Company

The Korte Company, started in 1958, is a design-build construction company focused on getting the job done. Based in St. Louis, MO, more than 90 percent of their work is Design-Build because it offers the most flexibility and results in best-value solutions. To date, they’ve delivered more than 3,000 projects, and manage more than $250 million of construction volume each year.