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South Texas’ Premier Construction Experts

Specializing in Mass Excavation, Underground Utilities Construction, and Sitework, Native Services stands as a beacon of excellence in construction across Houston, South Texas, and beyond.

Native Services Excavation in Houston Texas

Earth Work & Mass Excavation

With three decades of industry-leading experience, Native Services expertly handles earthwork and excavation projects, navigating diverse soil conditions in South Texas.

Sitework Houston Texas Native Services


Native Services is renowned for its transformative sitework solutions, catering to both urban and rural projects for private enterprises and governmental agencies in South Texas.

Underground Utilities Construction in South Texas

Underground Utilities

From storm drainage systems to intricate water lines, we offer unparalleled underground utility services, encompassing installation, modification, and repairs for both private and public sectors in South Texas.

Geared Heavy

With one of the largest heavy construction fleets in South Texas, Native Services is geared heavy for your large industrial or civil projects.

Eco Friendly Construction

Prioritizing environmental sustainability, Native Services adopts eco-friendly practices, ensuring every construction project aligns with our commitment to a greener South Texas.

High Quality Construction Management

Native Services has hundreds of years of combined heavy construction management experience focused in mass excavation, underground utilities construction, and site development.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Established in 2001, Native Services has set the benchmark in South Texas for mass excavation, earthwork, underground utilities construction, and comprehensive site development.

From some of Texas’ largest construction projects to smaller local projects, no project is too big or too small for the experts at Native Services.

Native Services completes hundreds of projects each year from Multi-Family housing developments, to large manufacturing facilities.

Native Services, a specialist in Earth Work and Sitework, expanded its expertise to Underground Utilities construction in 2003, successfully completing numerous projects across Texas.

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We’ve Been Building For Two Decades

Built with a team of experts in their respective fields, Native Services is a trusted partner for your Sitework and Excavation project.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Richie and his team was great. Their attention to detail, desire to exceed expectations, and overall experience led to our project success.”


"Native Services met our schedule, launched the project successfully, and adapted during heavy rain, ensuring productivity and keeping us on track."

Mark G.

VP at National Food & Beverage

“We are pleased with J.C. Galbreath and his team on our project. Not only was the project completed on time, but the service and attention to detail were outstanding.”


Our Clients


How many years of Mass Excavation Experience does Native Services have?

Native Services has over a 1000 years of combined Mass Excavation Experience, and completes hundreds of projects a year. 

Where is Native Services Headquartered?

Native Services is based in Houston, Texas and performs work across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Do you self perform your work?

Yes! Native Services self-performs 100% of its work by well-trained and experienced professionals.

Do you own or rent your equipment?

Native Services has one of the largest owned heavy construction fleets in the South. We pride ourselves on being “Geared Heavy,” which means we utilize the biggest, most powerful equipment available to do our work quickly and with quality.

What is the smallest project that you will bid?

Native Services offers our services for all types of projects, both big and small. Give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss further.