Safety Is Key

Native Services believes in the “Target Zero” program, aimed at utilizing individual responsibility as the foundation of our corporate safety.

Our Services

Grading & Mass Excavation

Native has decades of proven experience and success working in all types of soil conditions across the South. Commercial and Industrial Expertise.


Providing Commercial and Industrial Sitework in urban and rural areas for both private and governmental organizations.,

Underground Utilities Construction

Installation, Modification, and Repair Services of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water line and fire line utilities in both private and public sectors.

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Our Safety Is Your Safety

What Does It Take to Join our Safe Team?

Native Services maintains a stringent hiring process to start, including background checks for both criminal activity and driving records. While utilizing full-time and professional safety personnel, all employees are provided comprehensive employee safety training. We hold mandatory safety meetings daily, weekly, and monthly. Zero Accidents is possible.

Safety: Geared Heavy

Just like our equipment is “Geared Heavy,” so is our safety program. Our vehicles and equipment are fitted with GPS tracking, and we require daily job safety analysis for each crew prior to each shift. Native Services implements a ground disturbance program, as well as a utility locate and damage prevention program. All of our programs include incident investigation, root cause and trend analysis, and incident cost per hour tracking. All employees have stop work authority at Native Services

Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Hanover Construction Houston Texas Native Services

Hanover - Multiple Projects - Houston, Texas

Native Services has completed over 15 individual projects for Hanover Construction in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas in Harris County.

TX Morrow Construction Site Developer Native Services

TX Morrow - Multiple Projects- Harris County, Texas

As a trusted Sitework Partner, Native Services has completed multiple projects over the last few years for TX Morrow Construction.

U.S. Silica Plat Sitework Native Services

U.S. Silica Plant - Lamesa, Texas

The over 3,500 acre site was developed by Native Services. Responsible for moving millions of cubic yards of material, Native Services completed this project in five months.

Sysco Distribution Center Site Developer Native Services

Sysco Distribution Center - Houston, Texas

Located in Houston Texas, at 1490 Enclave Parkway, the Sysco Food Corporation's 567,000 square foot facility was born through the site development work of Native Services.

We’ve Been Building For Two Decades

At Native Services, Inc., every decision we make is driven by our mission for quality and distinction in the construction industry. We are devoted to delivering professionally executed projects on time and on budget, designed to provide maximum value to our clients.

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Our Safety Matrix

DOT Certified

At Native Services we take our DOT certification seriously, and our people take their DOT responsibilities seriously. With accurate logs, random checks by our safety supervisors, we ensure 100% DOT compliance.

ISNetworld Compliant

Native Services is currently undergoing certification for ISNetworld Compliance

Always striving to maintain the highest levels of safety for our people, equipment, and process, Native Services is currently undergoing certification with ISNetworld.

General Safety Programs

Native Services has been involved in and been certified in many safety programs: Excavation Safety Workplace Program, Eye Protection Safety Training Program, Foot Protection Workplace Program, Hearing Conservation Workplace Program, Highway Work Zone Safety, Personal Fall Protection for Safety, Protective Clothing Reviews, and others.

How many years of Mass Excavation Experience does Native Services have?

Native Services has over a 1000 years of combined Mass Excavation Experience, and completes hundreds of projects a year. 

Where is Native Services Headquartered?

Native Services is based in Houston, Texas and performs work across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Do you self perform your work?

Yes! Native Services self-performs 100% of its work by well-trained and experienced professionals.

Do you own or rent your equipment?

Native Services has one of the largest owned heavy construction fleets in the South. We pride ourselves on being “Geared Heavy,” which means we utilize the biggest, most powerful equipment available to do our work quickly and with quality.

What is the smallest project that you will bid?

Native Services offers our services for all types of projects, both big and small. Give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss further.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Richie and his team was great. Their attention to detail, desire to exceed expectations, and overall experience led to our project success.”


"Native Services met our schedule, launched the project successfully, and adapted during heavy rain, ensuring productivity and keeping us on track."

Mark G.

VP at National Food & Beverage

“We are pleased with J.C. Galbreath and his team on our project. Not only was the project completed on time, but the service and attention to detail were outstanding.”


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