Earthwork & Mass Excavation

Native Services self-performs all earthwork on our projects utilizing one of the largest privately owned equipment fleets in the South.

Native Services Excavation in Houston Texas

Mass Excavation & Grading

Native Services focuses on earthwork and grading for large commercial projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Native Services focuses on earthwork and grading for large commercial projects in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Geared Heavy, with only the best equipment and employees, count on Native Services for your Large Heavy Commercial Earth Work needs.

Native Services capabilities and equipment make possible any industrial earth work project.

Resourced well, Native Services has not only the resources, but the proven experience and history that your organization can count on for your site grading, foundation excavations, roadway installation, drainage construction, and more.

With projects spanning from Texas to Oklahoma and Louisiana, Native Services has the capabilities to accomplish any Earth Work project your organization needs. Experienced in all facets, Native Services is a trusted Earth Work and Grading powerhouse.

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About this Process

First, site must be carefully examined to make sure that the natural habitat and artifacts surrounding it are persevered throughout excavation. Next, the plans for the size and depth of the site are made and site’s boundaries set. 

  • Setting Out Corner Benchmarks
  • Surveying Ground and Top Levels
  • Excavation Depth Approved
  • Loose Soil Dressed
  • Construction of Dewatering Wells & Trenches
  • Making Boundaries of the Building
  • Construction of Protection Bunds and Drains

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Earthwork & Mass Excavation

Native Services the capabilities and experience with working in all types of soil conditions having led us to perform several hundred large excavation projects throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Providing an in-house complement to many of our building, industrial and drainage projects.


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How many years of Mass Excavation Experience does Native Services have?

Native Services has over a 1000 years of combined Mass Excavation Experience, and completes hundreds of projects a year. 

Where is Native Services Headquartered?

Native Services is based in Houston, Texas and performs work across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Do you self perform your work?

Yes! Native Services self-performs 100% of its work by well-trained and experienced professionals.

Do you own or rent your equipment?

Native Services has one of the largest owned heavy construction fleets in the South. We pride ourselves on being “Geared Heavy,” which means we utilize the biggest, most powerful equipment available to do our work quickly and with quality.

What is the smallest project that you will bid?

Native Services offers our services for all types of projects, both big and small. Give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss further.