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What We Do

Native Services Sitework

Grading & Mass Excavation

Over 30 Years of proven experience and success working in all types of soil conditions across the South. Commercial and Industrial Expertise.

Native Services Excavation in Houston Texas


Providing Commercial and Industrial Sitework in urban and rural areas for both private and governmental organizations.

Underground Utilities Construction in South Texas

Underground Utilities Construction

Installation, Modification, and Repair Services of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, and water line and fire line utilities in both private and public sectors.

What We Are About


Native Services expects the best, the best for our employees, the best for our clients, and the best for our organization. All of our Team Members are held to our code of conduct and our standards. If one does not meet the Native Services Expectations either by the Code of Conduct or the Native Services Standards, they will not gain employment. Travel should be expected.

Code of Conduct

Excellence Begins With How We Conduct Ourselves

Native Services maintains a strong code of conduct. Every Native Services Team Member must be highly professional, respectful, timely, honest, honorable, and customer service driven. Keeping to the Native Services Standards while meeting Expectations is the surest way to ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct.


Native Services maintains high standards in all things. Every Native Services employee is fully background checked to include driving records, arrests, and work history. Drug screenings are required twice monthly, random every time. Native Services employees are to be courteous at all times, well-trained, and sure to meet any standards of compliance and conduct of any client.

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